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Speed governor or speed limiter is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of vehicles. Speed governors can be used to limit the top speed for vehicles, and for some classes of vehicle such devices are a legal requirement. Speed Limiter can more generally be used to limit the rotational speed of the internal combustion engine or protect the engine from damage due to excessive rotational speed.

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Focus Tracking System is a leading GPS tracking system provider for all kind of vehicles & personal. we are a one stop shop for both GPS Tracking System and Speed Controller.

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Speed Controller Features

  • Prevents Over Speeding
  • Reduce Pollution
  • Better Vehicle Control
  • Enhanced Engine Life
  • Maintanance Free
  • Ideal for all climate conditions
  • Saves Fuel
  • Increase the vehicle efficiency & mileage
  • Latest microchip technology
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles
  • Strong metallic cord used for diesel flow
  • Double sided PCB used to protect high voltages & spikes
  • Easy installation

    Fully tamperproof system

    Good and attractive look

    Sensor needle and accessories made from brass

    Road Speed Limiters were developed to improve safety and the environment by controlling the top speed of vehicles, thus reducing serious accidents and pollution. The basic function of the system is to limit the maximum speed of a vehicle to a preset level whilst the throttle (accelerator) pedal is fully depressed, without a noticeable variation in the speed. In many cases this restriction in the top speed has shown to dramatically reduce the amount of fuel used when compared to higher top speeds. The reduction of fuel costs is an important part of most businesses.

    Our Speed Governor is suitable for fitment of all type of commercial transport category vehicles and educational institution vehicles. Its 100% Tamper proof with precision parts. Our Speed Governor approved for different speed like 40KMPH/50KMPH/60KMPH/65KMPH and 80KMPH in 1250 (out of 650 to 80KMPH) various models of TATA, ASHOK LEYLAND, EICHER, MAHINDRA, FORCE MOTORES, SWARAJ MAZDA, etc.

    The Master Control Unit is powered By battery through the Ignition switch. When ignition is turned ON, the MCU is powered and activates the motor unit which rotates anti-clockwise, thereby equaling the length of the Spring Rod to that of the length of the original connecting rod, to allow maximum acceleration. The Master Control Unit receives beyond pulses from the speed sensor and computes the speed of the vehicle. When the speed of the vehicle reaches the set speed, the FCD activates the Solenoid Valve by means of which the flow of the diesel is regulated.

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    Our organization engages in offering the exclusive range of Speed Sensor to the clientele. The quality of these Speed Sensors is simply excellent. There is huge....

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